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Letter to Jennie


My darling Jennie, the other love of  my life,
I miss you so much, the pain is almost unbearable. You were so precious to me and such a comfort when we lost Laura. Oh how I wish I spent more time with you, instead of always being so busy. I remember you running into my room for a hug, when you were happy, or dancing around downstairs like only you could do. I miss you how you used to say you loved me, "your precious momma." I know I told you that if you were getting too tired of this world and all the pain you were in, that it was okay. I remember you said you didn't want to leave me alone, and I told you it was okay. I couldn't bear to see you suffer so much, but I wish with all my heart you were here so I could hug you, I miss that so much.

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